The Story

Earlier this year, my sister Michelle casually kicked a toy penguin out of her way while walking around her house, and her son
Colby was unimpressed by this development.  So he ran off, drew a picture and posted it on the fridge to lay down the new rules of the house:

No Kicking Penguins
This picture was a big hit with everyone who saw it.  My brother Charlie tells the story thusly:

Michelle told us the story at Thanksgiving dinner at Donna’s – I then asked her to scan and e-mail the picture when she got home. I gave the electronic file to one of our graphic artists at The Telegram to clean up – the original appears to be pencil drawn on yellow paper (difficult to pick out). [The graphic artist] simply used software to turn it into black on white. Paula then used this file to make the t-shirt.

What you see above is the cleaned up version. 
Here’s a picture of the original.  This shirt was given to Michelle for her birthday, here’s a pic of her wearing it on Christmas Day.  The shirt was also a big hit.  (My brother Charlie points out the penguin in the drawing has clearly already been kicked, as his legs are flying forward from the motion.)  I happened to be home visiting when this took place, and as soon as I saw the shirt I thought “The Internet Must Know Of This!”

Upon my return home, I asked Paula to send me the scan.  Immediately, I posted it to
Reddit.  Aside from a handful of weirdos and some people who think it’s faked or drawn by an adult, people generally recognized the awesome.  One redditor posted it on his fridge.  The next day, I learn that “No Kicking Penguins” is now policy in AntarcticaAlso, The seals have been told!  As has anyone in the ocean!

I think this is simply wonderful, and so do a number of other people. Upon hearing the story and seeing the pictures, Colby was just thrilled. The newspaper in St. John’s (
The Telegram) is doing a story on this, which I’ll link here when it’s published. We all want to share this story, and hopefully raise some money for autism research in the process. You can find shirts, and all sorts of merchandise at the Zazzle store link on the upper right. Canadian users can click here to link to the Zazzle Canada store. All proceeds go to charity.

I’ll post the totals of what’s sold and raised on this site in the Updates section. Until the end of January, proceeds will go to the
Autism Society of America.  The entire month of February will be the Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador.  After that, proceeds will benefit an Autism society in the home country of the purchaser. (Please note, the purchases aren’t tax deductible. It’s a complicated story related to the fact that there’s cross-border stuff, multiple countries, and the fact that I’m a one-man operation who’s doing this in his spare time.)

And to the Internet, thanks!  You made Colby’s day!